Sunday, March 26, 2017


as i prep meals for the week
and clean dish after dish after dish
and pick up plates and dessert wrappers that have been left behind

I think to myself.. the things that i do, that there really has been no "thank you" for. 

and i think of the paperwork for school
and the things i make my kids participate in, because i know it's good for them. 
and the laundry
and the mending
and the phone calls and emails between dr's and teachers

and remember that my husband works many MANY hours a week
while i clean the toilet
and exercise to keep my body as strong as i can because it's falling apart

so SO GLAD that i have a part time job because full time would be insane for me at this point in my life, and that it's still enough for me to feel like i'm bringing in some income, and still have some sort of sense of accomplishment about myself OUTSIDE the house

washing the kitchen table
making copies and mailing things for insurance
rummaging through boxes of clothes and shoes that i have previously sorted into different sizes so my girls are properly dressed 

even sewing things for other people to make a little cash for myself. 

some days it all seems so mundane
and exhausting

and yet
i take joy in serving others
i love to create things that people know i'm good at
i like the play with different foods and tastes

and if the dishes weren't done, my family wouldn't have a clean plate to eat on ;) 
so yes
in the life of this mother
i know it's worthwhile, all the little things behind the scenes that get done so everything else can run smoothly. 

knowing that i do all of this for my family
and i still make time for myself in the middle of it all. 

because even the mundane.. is worth it. 

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