Thursday, February 23, 2017


so yeah.. i've been wracking my brain trying to find the perfect verse to blog about, the perfect topic on faith to write about..

and i was reminded by a friend today.. "write about the weather".. something mundane, something everyone can relate to, just something simple.

and i found that it's so true to put pressure on ourselves constantly do the right thing, to say just what needs to be said..
well, what needs to be said is just everyday honest opinions.

also, we can't force a relationship with God, we can't make a verse be perfect for the day..
the perfect things happen at just the right time.. out of our control.
and that's what makes them perfect.
they're unplanned, spontaneous things.

so stop putting so much pressure on yourself.. and learn to relax, enjoy, and take things as they come.

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