Thursday, February 23, 2017

eating habits

so i've decided to take more of my health into my own hands, and for a couple weeks now i've been cutting out the gluten to see if that helps with OA and IBS and POTS. 

and this week i also started more of a paleo diet.. so less refined sugars, less dairy.. 

so i'm eating a lot of fruits, veggies, lean meats, pure honey.. and i will say this. 

my body is in the process of purging a lot of the gross that was building up inside me, so i'm breaking out more on my face and i've had loose #2 for the past 3 days (hey, if this is going to be an honest blog, i'm going to be honest.. but not to the point of grossness). 

but i'm really feeling less bloated, i'm loving the different recipes, the simplicity and the flavor of just real food and not a lot of additives. 

it's a delicious change, albeit a little tougher to shop for and a bit more pricey. but sometimes, what needs to happen will take more out of you, but will be worth it. 

gonna push myself to stick with it until my next daughters birthday (march 25). from there, we'll see how i feel and if i will continue with this change! 

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