Thursday, February 23, 2017

eating habits

so i've decided to take more of my health into my own hands, and for a couple weeks now i've been cutting out the gluten to see if that helps with OA and IBS and POTS. 

and this week i also started more of a paleo diet.. so less refined sugars, less dairy.. 

so i'm eating a lot of fruits, veggies, lean meats, pure honey.. and i will say this. 

my body is in the process of purging a lot of the gross that was building up inside me, so i'm breaking out more on my face and i've had loose #2 for the past 3 days (hey, if this is going to be an honest blog, i'm going to be honest.. but not to the point of grossness). 

but i'm really feeling less bloated, i'm loving the different recipes, the simplicity and the flavor of just real food and not a lot of additives. 

it's a delicious change, albeit a little tougher to shop for and a bit more pricey. but sometimes, what needs to happen will take more out of you, but will be worth it. 

gonna push myself to stick with it until my next daughters birthday (march 25). from there, we'll see how i feel and if i will continue with this change! 


so yeah.. i've been wracking my brain trying to find the perfect verse to blog about, the perfect topic on faith to write about..

and i was reminded by a friend today.. "write about the weather".. something mundane, something everyone can relate to, just something simple.

and i found that it's so true to put pressure on ourselves constantly do the right thing, to say just what needs to be said..
well, what needs to be said is just everyday honest opinions.

also, we can't force a relationship with God, we can't make a verse be perfect for the day..
the perfect things happen at just the right time.. out of our control.
and that's what makes them perfect.
they're unplanned, spontaneous things.

so stop putting so much pressure on yourself.. and learn to relax, enjoy, and take things as they come.

Monday, February 6, 2017

John 14:27

Verse of the Day

John 14:27
I am leaving you with a gift - peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don't be troubled or afraid.

You hear that?
God's peace is not a peace we can get from the world.
It's not a peace of "ok i have enough money in the bank account" *breath. "ok, my kid is calm and healthy today" *breath. "ok, i still have a job today" *breath.

It's a peace of "i know what my future holds.. if i'm listening to God and following what He has for me, no matter what happens on this earth, i know where I will be for eternity.. so i can breath easy in the midst of turmoil".

We can have peace of mind and heart knowing that He's in control. And that even though we have the free will to choose right from wrong, no matter if we stumble and fall, His will will always prevail, He will always extend his hand to us, and His grace will always be extended to those who call him Father.

Dear God.. thank you for this peace of mind.
I can always rest in you.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Romans 12:18

 Verse of the day, Romans 12:18
 Do all that you can to live in peace with everyone.

 This is an ironic verse for me today LOL.   I actually read this first while I was at work in a bored moment. There of been people coming in tonight that has been giving me attitude and behind their back I've been giving them attitude ( yes I admit it). And then there's this girl who does pinky push-ups ;) And people just acting stupid "here's your sign". I'm having issues living in peace with them. ;) I could so write more but I would sound really mean. ;)

Breathe..  remember they could be having a very bad day, and I'm the only person they come in contact with who shows them kindness.