Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Purse Isn't Mine ;)

So.. moms.. what percent of your purse is actually yours? ;)
Not a loaded question.. I just found it funny the other day when my husband totally contradicted himself and didn't realize it. He asked me to put his second tiny wallet in my purse along with his gift cards (luckily, they all fit perfectly into the zipper pouch i keep my travel oils in).. and then he asked "why is your purse so big?".
Well dear, where do you think your things are going right now? What things in this purse are actually just mine instead of being the kids' or having to do with you or the kids, or that i share with you all? HAHA.

So let's see here.. 
My oils are shared, the hair ties aren't mine, the sanitizer is shared (by the way there are two of them, in case the girls don't like the one i use), the wallet (yes my wallet) is shared, two sets of gloves (both mine.. stretchy for cold weather, and compression for arthritis), travel tissues (shared), mints (shared), lip stuff (shared), glasses cleaner (shared).. 
I could really honestly keep going.. but you know what I love about this? 

Even though my purse is full, and sometimes I think i should get a bigger one or get rid of something in it and downsize.. my purse is the perfect size, because it's not just about me. 
My purse is perfect because i'm a mom and a wife. 
My purse holds love. 
My purse is a traveling care station for anything anyone could need.. including nail clippers, bandaids, a file and clear polish for when they rip a nail, get a run in their tights, or fall down. 

My purse is a tool for showing that I care. ;) 

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