Monday, January 30, 2017

Shape me, Mold me

So this morning I weighed myself before my shower and i'm down to 164. A few months ago i was 168, at one point i saw 170.5 on the scale and about cried. Not a happy camper. Unfortunately with the changes in my body over the last couple years, it's been harder to exercise the way I want to so I was getting frustrated. But recently I have been making changes in my diet, changes in how i take care of myself, changes in prioritizing things and apparently it's paying off because I am still staying strong, not pushing myself past what my body limits tell me, and I always have a snack at night, I always know i'm gonna be a night time snacker, but i've been making different choices snacking at night. Instead of grabbing a handful of chocolates or some cheesy chips or something like that, I've been grabbing/introducing different foods like coconut or homemade guacamole and with pita chips, and I am NOT depriving myself of my occasional alcoholic drink because that is my treat to myself. Everybody has their own little treat and I like to have dark chocolate and a nice glass of wine or a frufru frozen mix or whatever.

Buy anyways. I have been trying to cut out more preserved foods because I've noticed they trigger inflammation in my joints. So say for instance pasta, if i use organic pasta noodles vs the cheap pasta noodles, even though they cost a little more it makes a big difference in how my body feels. So it's just really good to see the actual results starting to show of the hard work that i'm putting in. And like, my job now, i'm sitting behind a desk and it's only a couple days a week which is good because I'm not as sedentary. Because i'm only sitting like 2-3 days a week, and when i'm sitting i have a greek yogurt or pistachios or i make myself like a spinach salad with turkey in it and using olive oil instead of fatty dressings.

So i'm very grateful to see the positive starting to show out of these changes that i'm making. And also just making myself more of a priority as well. I'm feeling better psychologically and i'm feeling better emotionally. Just reprioritizing my life, making sure like say the girls are home from school because of a snow day or something, if i'm off work that day and they're home with me, i have been making it a priority to go to the gym anyway, and either have Jaz get on the treadmill beside me and if she doesn't want to the kids can grab a basketball or volleyball and play together. So instead of just staying home and saying "oh the kids are home, i can't take care of myself today, i can't exercise", i'm making it a priority to go anyways and show them 1. i'm not going to let things get in the way of taking care of myself and 2. giving them time and other things they can do as sisters.

And also, i got some books for Christmas with devotionals in them, and i'm trying not to be a book hoarder so if i know it's something i'm not going to read, i'm passing them on to other people that i know can benefit from them. And the books that i'm keeping because they look like something i would actually do, i'm doing them. i'm not saying "oh i have that chicken soup book, those are good books, i like those books" and then just let it sit on the shelf. No, i'm getting it out and reading it. I might not be consistent because day to day, it should be something different in the way that i learn. It could be that the Verse of the Day spoke to me that day and i got something out of God's word. But at least i'm getting my OWN views, my OWN thoughts and my OWN beliefs instead of reading some devotional that was written by someone else and letting their words be truth and leave it at that. No, i need to think for myself. So i'm really enjoying seeing the fruits of all this physical and emotional labor really starting to shape me and my house. It's exciting.

Praise God for opening my eyes and helping me to see how I can change.

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