Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Body Reading Today

I went today to get a body reading done, this was supposed to be a free consultation.
She did a body scan using a hand wand that i held in one hand while the other hand she poked gently with another wand, showing her on the screen different levels on things in my body.
From the number on her screen.. my heart, lungs, vital organs are great.

The thing that concerned her was the level of toxicity in my body. She suggested I do a $40 foot bath, which i could need multiple times.. which i'm most likely not going to end up doing (i like DIY).
She also recommended a multivitamin to me, which i can agree with. I do need one and she brought in 4 different ones and tested them to find the right one for me. $20/month, not bad. Good natural ingredients.

Looking into the pineal gland.. my hormones are off. She can tell that I don't sleep very well, something about the anxiety connection.

A big thing is that my hypothalamus is off. I'm going to look into that as well.. it seems to control a lot of things i deal with. Also the Lymph system.

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