Thursday, July 21, 2016


So again , because of my internal wiring and my personality , I am again going to attempt to stand up for myself more and take better care of myself.

 I feel like  there are times in life we feel more confident  and complete, and it really is like an eb and flow.  At least for me.
I have three daughters and I want them to be confident women…  but do they see that in me?  Because that's where they will learn it from.

 its time I stop letting the world around me push me around and stand up for who I am and what I believe in.

I'm wearing makeup today..  Because it makes me feel pretty.
 I washed my face this morning and last night ..  Because Makes me feel fresh and clean,  and I know my skin is healthier for it.
I'm wearing sneakers to work today .. Because I know they will give me the support I need to not feel pain.

I'm going to change my availability at work because I need to stick up for time with my family and time for myself.

I have been taking every chance I can get to exercise.. Because it makes me feel strong and helps me stay flexible. I don't like being stiff and feeling old.

Let's hope I keep being true to myself and living the life God would want me to.. My body is a temple and my family is a gift. Help me to not take that for granted.

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