Monday, June 15, 2015

weight.. shake it off.

this morning i weighed myself after my workout and the scale read 160, i automatically said "that's NOT ok".. then stopped myself.

why is that not ok?

my goal is not to lose weight anymore.. i've lost the weight i wanted to. now i'm working at strengthening myself.

even if it WASN'T that way, why would i tell myself that i'm not ok?

such a twisted version of what's alright and what's not.

i'm a tall, healthy, strong mother with 3 daughters..
and if i want my girls to feel ok in their own skin, i can't be thinking this way.

just because i never want to see a 160 on the scale again, doesn't mean it would be unhealthy for it to happen.

shake it off, Cami. shake it off. and feel good about yourself!
THIS is how God created you.

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