Monday, June 1, 2015

Manners and Importance

There was a gentleman I waited on at Kohls.. older gentleman who had awesome manners, and somehow the conversation came up about how his teenage grandson was at the dinner table on his phone.

I told him i totally agree, that during meals, and during family time, we keep our devices put away as much as possible. We need to be in that moment with each other. To spend the time with people around us, and put "stuff" behind us. It can wait.

That also reminded me of a comment that was made to me this morning at church.. my girls were with friends and family, so they weren't at church with us. And when I went to the cafe to get a cookie, the lady asked me about my girls, and said "they are always so polite when they come up to get a cookie".
Thank you, God, for showing me how to raise my children, and I'm glad I'm choosing to follow the way He's leading me as a mom.

I don't want my girls to be the ones at the table with the phone in their face.
Sometimes i'll get a text or an alert when i'm at home making a meal or tending to something, and Jaz will want to bring me my phone.. I tell her "leave it there, i'll get to it when i get to it". They need to learn that other things are more important than to constantly stay connected to some form of electronic or media. I want to show them that by living it.

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