Monday, May 11, 2015


 I never realized how much of the numbers nerd I am.
 I always get a kick out of seeing 1234 on the clock.
 My daughters birthdays and weights intrigue me as well… Born 06, 07 and 08..  Weighing 5 pounds, 6 pounds, and 7 pounds.  And Jazzy was born on 1-6-06  at 1:16 AM .

 When I sort things at work, I like to see how much each box adds up to, and sometimes I will count my steps and other people's steps.
 I will even catch myself counting steps in movies.

 When I have a sale or refund, I think it's fun when something comes up to $3.33 or an even amount with no change..  I actually had someone's receipt the other day that was  and even dollar amount before and after-tax,  on the dot.
 Even drivers license numbers intrigue me.  Also sequences, like $151.51.

 I love closing at work, because I like to countdown the registers.

 Sometimes I wonder if this has to do with genealogy… My maiden name, TenCate, means keeper of the books.  Unless it's just a happy coincidence :-)

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