Wednesday, May 6, 2015

my love for children

i've really noticed that my love for children has played a huge part in my life.

from an early age, i helped out at church, be it in nursery or VBS (vacation bible school).

i babysat
i always wanted to be around kids, to care for them, to hug them, to make them laugh, to play with them, anything..

and now i'm taking that into parenting my own children.. and looking over the children who play in the park behind our house, as well. and keeping my eye out for neighbor kids.

and also as a missionary to Romania, my main focus there has been the kids.. loving on them, helping them in any way

i've also felt led to help in the church nursery lately, so i'll be taking that on starting next week.

i truly believe this is one of the gifts God gave me. and i'm glad to use it in any way that i can

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