Tuesday, April 28, 2015

words of affirmation

well, i didn't get the position i applied for at work.
i interviewed for it a week ago.

but, i got a great response from my boss.

whereas this position might not be right for me, she said she commended me on my work at Customer Service.
since i was sort of thrown into it before the holiday season hit in the fall, i have sort of morphed into a great customer service rep, and have really made this position my own.

also, i got a LOT of comments on my new capri pants. :)
i got them last year on clearance for $3 at the end of the season. it was my first time wearing them.
(white cotton background with blue denim flower print all over)

also a friend of mine dropped in while i was working and made a comment on my nails, and then proceeded to ask me to do hers :)
we have a date this evening :D so exciting!

i also got a compliment from my husband this evening when we were checking a map to see where the border between two states was, and i pointed out the dotted line that went behind a bunch of roads and the river.

it's been a day of positive affirmation for me. :)
thank you God for the wonderful people around me, and the ability to be lifted up by them, and not let it effect my humility.

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