Wednesday, March 11, 2015

you gotta take the good with the bad..

bad things about me:
-i'm terrible at parking
-i'm not very good at cleaning, i have to make myself do it, and half the time i leave something laying where it shouldn't be
-i yell at my kids
-i beat myself up.. a lot
-my communication skills aren't that good.. i would rather write to someone or just totally avoid, instead of seeing someone in person to tell them something. i don't like publicly speaking if i don't have to
-too many times, i let people walk on me

good things about me:
-i'm a good mom
-i'm a bargain hunter
-when i love, i love with all of me
-i'm faithful to a fault
-i love healthy food
-i love having the opportunity to stay fit
-i see my glass as half full
-i can easily emotionally connect to someone and empathize
-i'm a good seamstress :) my mama taught my well
-i'm tolerant

the thing is.. i can make this list all day long.. but it's not going to matter.
God doesn't care about it.
He doesn't make lists.
He tells me "child.. i made you. i made you in MY image. you are perfect because i'm your Creator. and all the bad things you think about yourself.. are nonsense. the Devil came to steal, kill and destroy.. I came to give life eternal. believe in Me, trust in Me.. and I will show you how perfect you are to Me."

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