Tuesday, March 10, 2015

why my business.. is my business.

i need to remind myself that people buy from my store.. because it's my store.
let me get into more detail.

sometimes i get into a funk and start thinking.. what can i do to get more sales? why am i NOT getting more sales? do i need to change something? what's the fad right now.. should i go with that?.. all these thoughts go through my head, and more.

but then i have to stop.
and think.
and remember..
the reason this is my store in the first place.

the things that i come up with in my own creative mind.. my artistic flair.. is why my business IS.
God gave me a special vision, a different way to look at things.
i can see the possibilities in materials before i even have them both in my hands.

so this, THIS, is why it's my store.

and this is why people buy from me.

i have a unique artistic vision, and i do great quality work.

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