Tuesday, March 3, 2015

moving on.. learning more.. business

i would like to get to the next level.. but it's scary.. trying to push myself, but that fear of the unknown, and fear of criticism.. it kills me

i'm pushing myself a bit in raising some of my prices, taking some chances with the new product rolling out.

creating a work-around so i can still make mama cloth for USA ladies.

i don't have self confidence. i'm really a very non-confident person. i'm afraid of confrontation, i'm afraid of what people will think of me, of my creations.. will want to change how i do things..

i'm not good with change.

this is what i'm working through..

i might be meeting someone in the "fashion world", i might be taking a sewing class, i might be learning some new things through a website..
it's my self-confidence, self-worth and fear of change that is getting in my way.

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