Friday, February 20, 2015

so unscheduled and unplanned

well it started last night, when we got the 2 hour delay call for school

i didn't sleep well
then we got the call this morning that school was canceled.

- started my day with my kids at home.. automatic "probably not going to get done what i planned on"
- i started later than i wanted to
- i had to have a talk with my oldest daughter about her pill, because she tried to get away from the table with it under her tongue, not down her throat.
- a friend of mine, out of the blue, asked if she could come over and chat for a bit.. and bribed me with starbucks.. so i said yes.
- i got the laundry folded and the dishes done.. i feel like that's all i did. :(
- i felt rushed when i left
- Jazmine forgot her glasses, so i had to run back for them
- had to stop at the gas station and get our popcorn filled up, felt like it took forever for my 9 year old to go in and get it done (but she insisted on doing it herself).
- i got to husband's work, dropped off the kids, went to switch cars and accidentally pulled off the door handle, so had to take a second to look around the ground for anything i might have dropped
- got to work and found 2 holes in my sweater
- and my bangs kept falling in my face.

didn't get done
- i planned on stocking the breast pads in my store
- i planned on sewing more kids clothes
- i planned on moving some product to a different area in my online store
- and planned on cleaning up my sewing table

i'm not glad i didn't get the day i planned..
but i'm not sad about it either.

c'est la vie- as is life.

things change
gotta roll with it
and i'm glad i got to talk to my friend.. we just reconnected after 14 years

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