Friday, February 6, 2015

give thanks in everything

today's going to be a busy day. praise God for the busy-ness that comes with having a family. 

laundry to fold- thank you God for the blessing of a washer and dryer, and my hands that were made to serve my family in this way. 
exercise- thank you God for a body that is intact, and the ability to keep myself healthy.
shipping- thank you God for the blessing of my business, to be able to create a product at a price that is good for everyone. and thank you for the gift of enjoyment, even though motorcycle helmets get recalled, there is a blessing in that as well- it's happening in winter. wink emoticon i can have a new helmet by spring!
Jazmine's glasses- thank you God for eye doctors and the ability to know when you need help.
Alivia and Brian, dance- thank you God for the love of a father to his daughter, and that the blessing is mine to be able to see this unfold.
IEP meeting- thank you God for the blessing of wonderful teachers who care about their students, and spend the time to help each and every one succeed.
Alivia's overnight at her best friends house- thank you God for the fellowship of friends. without them, our lives wouldn't be as full.

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