Friday, February 20, 2015

so unscheduled and unplanned

well it started last night, when we got the 2 hour delay call for school

i didn't sleep well
then we got the call this morning that school was canceled.

- started my day with my kids at home.. automatic "probably not going to get done what i planned on"
- i started later than i wanted to
- i had to have a talk with my oldest daughter about her pill, because she tried to get away from the table with it under her tongue, not down her throat.
- a friend of mine, out of the blue, asked if she could come over and chat for a bit.. and bribed me with starbucks.. so i said yes.
- i got the laundry folded and the dishes done.. i feel like that's all i did. :(
- i felt rushed when i left
- Jazmine forgot her glasses, so i had to run back for them
- had to stop at the gas station and get our popcorn filled up, felt like it took forever for my 9 year old to go in and get it done (but she insisted on doing it herself).
- i got to husband's work, dropped off the kids, went to switch cars and accidentally pulled off the door handle, so had to take a second to look around the ground for anything i might have dropped
- got to work and found 2 holes in my sweater
- and my bangs kept falling in my face.

didn't get done
- i planned on stocking the breast pads in my store
- i planned on sewing more kids clothes
- i planned on moving some product to a different area in my online store
- and planned on cleaning up my sewing table

i'm not glad i didn't get the day i planned..
but i'm not sad about it either.

c'est la vie- as is life.

things change
gotta roll with it
and i'm glad i got to talk to my friend.. we just reconnected after 14 years

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


"Migraines occur most often in adults between 20 and 50 years old. They’re three times more common in women than men, although doctors don’t understand why. Experts say hormones play a role.
Many women have migraine attacks around the time of their menstrual periods or find their attacks are more severe then."

it takes an expert to say that hormones play a role in the fact that women get more migraines than men? i could have told you that.. 

hormones play a role in pretty much EVERYthing that happens to women.. it's basically common knowledge. 

oh wait.. common knowledge isn't very common.. forgot about that. 

at least i have my migraine triggers narrowed down.. 
barometric pressure and not enough sleep. 
i knew it was going to happen when i saw that the temp was going to change at least 15 degrees today. 

Friday, February 6, 2015

basically.. funny ;)

Funny thing i just figured out about myself. i have a fetish for socks, tights and undies. lol. every time i see one on clearance for $3 or less, i want to buy it. fortunately, my drawer is only so big, so i can't, but i found this humorous.

i have a fetish for the basics. LOL
when most people say they don't want socks and underwear for christmas.. well i do HAHA.

give thanks in everything

today's going to be a busy day. praise God for the busy-ness that comes with having a family. 

laundry to fold- thank you God for the blessing of a washer and dryer, and my hands that were made to serve my family in this way. 
exercise- thank you God for a body that is intact, and the ability to keep myself healthy.
shipping- thank you God for the blessing of my business, to be able to create a product at a price that is good for everyone. and thank you for the gift of enjoyment, even though motorcycle helmets get recalled, there is a blessing in that as well- it's happening in winter. wink emoticon i can have a new helmet by spring!
Jazmine's glasses- thank you God for eye doctors and the ability to know when you need help.
Alivia and Brian, dance- thank you God for the love of a father to his daughter, and that the blessing is mine to be able to see this unfold.
IEP meeting- thank you God for the blessing of wonderful teachers who care about their students, and spend the time to help each and every one succeed.
Alivia's overnight at her best friends house- thank you God for the fellowship of friends. without them, our lives wouldn't be as full.