Wednesday, January 21, 2015

getting older.. and slightly wiser

well.. for the most part.. I can take things day to day. sometimes i'm more sore, sometimes there's too much in my brain.. but I can kind of roll with it.

But sometimes.. I can't. sometimes I feel too overwhelmed, or too tired, or just.. old. (which is ironic, but in general i don't feel old.. just tired.)

there are days that i just don't want to exercise.. because that requires me sweating and then, in the end, i have to make time for a shower.. which, let's face it, sometimes we just really don't feel like showering.

then again there's that part of you that says.. "hey! it's ok to not do anything today"
"hey! you don't HAVE to go to the gym JUST because you have time for it"

yes, i have extra time here and there.. sometimes, i'm not sure what to do with it, so i waste it. just spend it doing non-sensical stuff.. like scrolling mindlessly through facebook, or...

but i just used SOME of that time to read my Bible, and print off some coupons, because let's face it.. it's so much fun to use coupons.
it really is a high.. to take them to the store, after you've carefully matched them up with the sales.. and when you're all done, you have bags of items that you know you'll use, and you're proud that you spent less money than you usually do. ;)

but let's also face the facts that we ARE getting older. and our body's ARE NOT holding up like they used to.
we do have to take care of ourselves, or we will fall apart.

I can't keep in touch with friends like i used to, because on top of being a mom (which in and of itself is a huge hurdle to jump every day), running my own business, getting to the gym when i can, working at Kohls, making sure that I feel like i did SOMETHING productive each day.. we just can't find time for everything in 24 hours. Thank goodness for the day called "tomorrow".

which, in reality, may or may not come. we are not promised tomorrow.. God will take us when He feels our work here is done.
So please..

try not to cram every waking hour with something to do..
try your best to keep yourself healthy..
try to just do what you can as a parent to hopefully lead your children to a better tomorrow..
because really..

running ourselves ragged makes no sense.

trusting in God does.
because when we rely on Him, get ourselves out of our own way, and say "hey God, i'm only human, please take the wheel.. i'll follow You're lead".
trusting God.. makes life so much more worth it.