Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mood booster :)

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Over the past few months, i've really been having a tough time with myself.. physical issues, emotional issues.. kind of figuring out where I am in life, what steps to take to move forward.. trying to make sure i'm following what God wants for me..

And i've had a few people in my life speak words of affirmation without even knowing it. It's been a great booster for me.. making me feel better about myself.
It's awesome how God works through His people.

1. I've been exercising more over the past year or so (started my "getting healthy" journey 3 years this winter).. and i've gone through some wardrobe changes, and right now, I'm in need of pants, dress pants mainly.
A friend at church this Sunday mentioned something about a bag of clothes in her car that she's taking to donate and I asked if i could see them first. Thank you God for that timing. :) I ended up getting a pair of tan corduroy pants (had to get rid of mine last year because they were too loose) and two tops. :)

She and I were also talking about our hair and how sometimes it's hard to get hairspray to work right, or curls to stay.. sometimes we could care less about wearing makeup.. and I mentioned that I wasn't wearing makeup and curl won't stay in my hair (that luckily, I had straight hair, it was easy to just brush it and leave it).. and she said "you're one of those people who's just naturally beautiful".

This was a wow moment for me, because growing up I had what I call "ugly duckling syndrome". I wasn't "ugly", really, but i wasn't the cute/pretty girl in class. I wasn't the popular cheerleader. I had big eyebrows and dark brown eyes, and long hair and goodwill clothes. So to me, I wasn't pretty.
It was great to hear someone say that I was naturally beautiful. :)
Also, my 5 year old picked my dress for church and it happened to be my special occasion dress, and I got quite a few compliments on it, one even from a good guy friend who's Mr. Stylish.

2. A friend of mine at work last night.. I was taking care of a couple customers and I heard her in the background and on the headset say "we're in good hands up here, Cami's here". :) That definitely boosted my spirits because it made my self-worth meter go up a bit. :) And I told her that and she said "well, it's true. you're awesome".

Also at work, my manager said she had to talk to me. (in comes the dread and the "oh crap, what did i do wrong?").
She said they were wanting to cross train someone for Customer Service, and my name came up. Asked if it was something I'd be interested in.
More self-worth booster.. I'm a valued employee, and they recognize that. Thank you God for a job environment that cares for their workers, and gives opportunities.

3. My husband sent me a message yesterday asking me if i could do something for him, and before the question even ended, he said "thank you". :) I definitely appreciate that gratefulness.. even before I do what he asks, he's grateful that I'm going to help him.

And I've noticed He's been more respectful of me lately.

Just thought of another one..
4. I have a customer who orders from me frequently.. and every time she does, she's very excited about the product I'm making for her. :) She loves my customer service. She shows off pictures of the products on her little ones, she shares my statuses, and she tells her friends.

Talk about a fan. :) I'm so excited and honored to have her shopping in my store. :) She can tell I love what I do, and her enthusiasm is really keeping me plugging along.

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