Friday, February 21, 2014

tired and unmotivated

laying in bed last night, having my back and my hair stroked by my husband.. you'd think i would have slept well.

but i didn't.
it's nights like that that leave me exhausted the whole next day..

restless.. barely asleep.. tossing and turning.. ugh.

what on earth causes such sucky nights?

leaving me totally unmotivated the next day..
i haven't wanted to do anything today..

but i got up (even though school was canceled.. apparently there's ice on the backroads).. had my coffee.. fed my kids.. fed myself.. then got dressed and got the laundry baskets finished and put away since my mother was coming over.
it's always nice to have my mom over for lunch/coffee and playing with the kids. they showed her Mario on the DS.. and she read Livy's school book with her.

Zoe did a little dance routine, and Jazmine had her help with online math work.

Brian (my husband) introduced me to a new game app on my phone today.. yay, now i'm hooked... lol. Thanks, babe. ;)


i made a foldable playhouse for their playroom out of a cardboard box via online tutorial..
here's the Tut:
DIY collapsible cardboard playhouse

here's my version: (5 year old included.. the other two are playing in the snow with a friend)

Well, time to get in a workout.
I plan on yoga/pilates.. and Zoe wants to do the Cha-cha with me.
we'll see what comes of it!

and God bless!

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