Tuesday, February 4, 2014

starting over

well.. here i go again. hoping to write.. something.. worthwhile.

i've been getting sentimental lately..
catching up on my scrapbooking, that hadn't been done for a year..
reading some of my old journal entries from, get this.. before i got married.. it's been that long since i really, truly wrote.

so here i am.. trying to do it again.. 12 years later.. pushing forward, hopefully, into a new chapter of my life.

turning over a new leaf (cliche')..
getting a handle on taking better care of myself, now that i'm in my 30's (that sounds weird.. lol)..

hopefully showing my daughters what a Christian woman looks like.. faithful to her husband, loving him the best way i know how.. reading my Bible (weather the actual book, or a passage on my phone).. exercising and eating right to keep my body strong and healthy..

and showing them what love is about. God's love for us, no matter what we do.
we stumble.. we fail.. but He's not, and He won't.

and going for my goals.. MAKING goals.
things will only happen if you do them..
not if you wish all day.. and sit on your butt.

reach for the stars, girls.. and follow God's lead!


  1. You are a awesome wife..mother and sister in Christ!

  2. You go sis. Look forward to many amazing blog posts.