Wednesday, February 5, 2014

snow day.. again

wow.. by the time we woke up this morning.. there was so much snow.. i'm LOVING it. i think i can understand how people can get sick of it.. but not me..

i don't know if there will ever be too much snow for me. :)
and to think.. every single flake is different.. all these tiny little crystals of frozen water.. formed by one God.. can make sooo much more.
it's so beautiful.. amazing.. creation is just astounding to me.

this also gives opportunity to help people more..
like shoveling people's walkways, helping a neighbor jump their car, plowing out driveways.. offering hot cocoa to a friend..

pulling cars out of ditches, salting roads..

this is my winter paradise.
i swear, living in Michigan really gives me more of a chance to believe God is who He is.. these seasons and colors and quick, frequent changes.. could only be orchestrated by a Master Composer.

snow days also give me a chance to test my patience and love for my children.

I am a work at home mom..
i run my business from my computer and my basement..
getting them involved with my daily exercise, taking some time out during lunch break to be with them, plan activities to keep them occupied..

and tonight i'm going to be going on with my oldest daughter (Jazmine, is 8 years old) and checking out what kind of hairstyle she wants for the daddy/daughter dance on Friday. :) I'm excited to play with her hair and make her feel the beauty that God gave her. :)

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