Thursday, February 6, 2014

peace and love

sitting alone, enjoying the silence in the room.

listening to my children play together behind a closed door

1 cup of coffee in my belly.. ate breakfast with my husband this morning (mmm, sausage patties and biscuits.. that were slightly frostbitten in the freezer). 

hearing him scrape the packed snow off the sidewalk.. love him for all the hard work he does for this family. 
I am blessed by him. 

a warm blanket on my lap.. the bubbles created by the humidifier.. and the slight kick in the vents when the warm air starts to blow.. 

i’m comfortable in my home. 
unlike many who aren’t so lucky

Dear God, 
I pray for those with no homes, with no family, with no love, and (in their minds) no hope. I pray that some way, somewhere, someone will reach out to them and tell them.. there IS hope. That hope is found in finding you.. You lead us to where we need to be. Every day, every step, is orchestrated by you. 

Let us never lose sight of the hope and the freedom we find in knowing You and loving You. Thank you for the love that surrounds me everyday.. in forms of friends, children, spouse, food, clothing.. warmth.. 
I pray I never take that love for granted, and that I can pour that love into others. 
Creating a domino effect.

The things we take for granted. I never want to forget that all blessings, no matter how small, come straight from you.

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