Monday, February 24, 2014

my fetish, and life realization

nail polish ;) surprised? lol

sometimes i wish i could be a hand model :)
i love playing with color pallets, doing reviews for ladies that make polish
(newest one HERE)

and since i've been doing them a lot more often through the past couple years, expanding my horizons with different tools, brands, etc.. my nails and hands have gotten much healthier.

i think the thing i love the most about it is i can express how i feel through the different textures, prints, nail accessories, color combos..
it's like an art form to me.. and it's like how some people wear makeup.. they do different things at different times, etc.

it's like how i show my "beauty".. beyond my face.. beyond my heart..
beyond how others might think of me, or how i might even view myself..

playing with nail polish is an outward extension of who i am inside.

intriguing.. i think.
i love watching nail art tutorials on youtube.. (my favorite is Robin Moses)
different techniques i can learn..

it's great to have healthy nails again :) and to also make that time for myself.. to pamper myself.. and to try new things that i wouldn't have before. 

through this, and through experimenting with exercise and diet.. i'm getting to know and create a new, better me.

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