Wednesday, February 12, 2014


why? why? why?

so debilitating.

i'm a mom
i have things to do
i don't want to NOT want to do things.

got up, got two kids on the bus.. laid back down.
got up, put a movie in for my other daughter.. laid back down.
got up at 10.. yup, it's a migraine.

ate something, took some medicine, and my vitamins for the day.. keeping the curtains closed.

open my computer..
get a message from the women's wellness center, they have money for me from a sale in their store. :)
thank the Lord!

get a post on my wall of marble nail polish that someone tagged me in saying it made them think of me..
thank the Lord!

people already lifting me up..
God is good.

no matter what my situation.. why NOT me?!
I am surrounded by people who think of me, who love me, and who are there when i need.

so let me say it again..
thank the Lord! for even in my hard times.. He shines through His people, and makes Himself known.

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