Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mood booster :)

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Over the past few months, i've really been having a tough time with myself.. physical issues, emotional issues.. kind of figuring out where I am in life, what steps to take to move forward.. trying to make sure i'm following what God wants for me..

And i've had a few people in my life speak words of affirmation without even knowing it. It's been a great booster for me.. making me feel better about myself.
It's awesome how God works through His people.

1. I've been exercising more over the past year or so (started my "getting healthy" journey 3 years this winter).. and i've gone through some wardrobe changes, and right now, I'm in need of pants, dress pants mainly.
A friend at church this Sunday mentioned something about a bag of clothes in her car that she's taking to donate and I asked if i could see them first. Thank you God for that timing. :) I ended up getting a pair of tan corduroy pants (had to get rid of mine last year because they were too loose) and two tops. :)

She and I were also talking about our hair and how sometimes it's hard to get hairspray to work right, or curls to stay.. sometimes we could care less about wearing makeup.. and I mentioned that I wasn't wearing makeup and curl won't stay in my hair (that luckily, I had straight hair, it was easy to just brush it and leave it).. and she said "you're one of those people who's just naturally beautiful".

This was a wow moment for me, because growing up I had what I call "ugly duckling syndrome". I wasn't "ugly", really, but i wasn't the cute/pretty girl in class. I wasn't the popular cheerleader. I had big eyebrows and dark brown eyes, and long hair and goodwill clothes. So to me, I wasn't pretty.
It was great to hear someone say that I was naturally beautiful. :)
Also, my 5 year old picked my dress for church and it happened to be my special occasion dress, and I got quite a few compliments on it, one even from a good guy friend who's Mr. Stylish.

2. A friend of mine at work last night.. I was taking care of a couple customers and I heard her in the background and on the headset say "we're in good hands up here, Cami's here". :) That definitely boosted my spirits because it made my self-worth meter go up a bit. :) And I told her that and she said "well, it's true. you're awesome".

Also at work, my manager said she had to talk to me. (in comes the dread and the "oh crap, what did i do wrong?").
She said they were wanting to cross train someone for Customer Service, and my name came up. Asked if it was something I'd be interested in.
More self-worth booster.. I'm a valued employee, and they recognize that. Thank you God for a job environment that cares for their workers, and gives opportunities.

3. My husband sent me a message yesterday asking me if i could do something for him, and before the question even ended, he said "thank you". :) I definitely appreciate that gratefulness.. even before I do what he asks, he's grateful that I'm going to help him.

And I've noticed He's been more respectful of me lately.

Just thought of another one..
4. I have a customer who orders from me frequently.. and every time she does, she's very excited about the product I'm making for her. :) She loves my customer service. She shows off pictures of the products on her little ones, she shares my statuses, and she tells her friends.

Talk about a fan. :) I'm so excited and honored to have her shopping in my store. :) She can tell I love what I do, and her enthusiasm is really keeping me plugging along.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

moving forward

A lot has been going on in our family. Some ups, lots of downs, and more "Everyday glitches" than we want.
Just finished a series at church about Small Things, Big Difference.. and it's really reminded me to just take things one at a time, work on doing better during day-to-day, hour-to-hour activities. Go the little extra mile here and there. It's really helped me feel better about my home life and it's been rewarding also on the God front, because one of the apps on my phone now reminds me to do my daily Bible reading. And another app reminds me to take my vitamins everyday and that's helped me feel physically better.
Reminding myself to take time for my kids more.. when they ask me to do something or cuddle with them, or just to listen. I'm trying to give them more and more opportunities and better attention.

Friday, June 27, 2014

the gym today.. my love language

we went over a study on the 5 love languages in our church small group, and my two main ones are Receiving Gifts and Words of Affirmation.

i definitely had some affirmation for myself this week. from the mouths of strangers.

an interesting development for me..
the kids have been at VBS (vacation bible school) from 9:30-12 all 5 days, so i've taken advantage of that time at the gym.. getting in from 45-1.5 hour workouts, and really pumping it up and pushing myself.

one of my favorite things to do is a plank, but alternate a regular plank with some side planks, some mountain climbers, some modified pushups, and adding 8" weights and rowing 10 on each side.

i had 1 lady earlier this week mention something to me about it, that she was impressed i could do that.
once she said that, it was almost like i had an out-of-body experience, like i looked over to where i was working out, and i could see myself exercising.. and it was like i was watching one of those people that you SEE at the gym that you don't think you could ever BE.
.. i've actually started to BECOME my own inspiration.. that felt very strange, but in a good way.

yesterday i was talking to a new gym friend about varicose veins and how i don't really wear shorts much because i think they're ugly. she got hers removed 3 years ago.. it was $13,000.. yipes. :( but it's good to know people understand what you're going through.

she was there again today, and she/we finally realized where we know each other from. she shops at kohl's. :) i work there. :)
and after i was finished working out today, another lady came up and said "i could never do that thing you do, where you're on your hands, pushing up, and then you ad those weights.. whew. you should be a personal trainer."

that really made me feel good.
i've been trying to push myself more.. strengthen my core, and my overall body.
i'm not doing it for people to notice me.. i'm doing it for my own health and well being.

but i also know that me feeling better about my body also means i look better along the way, too. and that DOES get attention from other people.

honestly, i've never been the kind to like personal attention. i've never pushed myself to do things BY myself, that people would notice.
for instance.. the motorcycle? i've always wanted a purple Harley Davidson. and now i have one. i have a hard time taking it out to drive because i know people will be looking at me. but i am working on that this year.. just doing what i love and what God is gifting me with. i don't want to live in fear of people looking at me. God WANTS us to be out there, being lights to the world.

a city on a hill should not be hidden, rather to shine it's light as bright as can.

i am that city..
as a Christ follower, I am that light.
and i need to BE that light, no matter what my situation.
my fears are superficial.

Friday, June 13, 2014

update on staying fit

well.. it's been 3 months (yikes!) since i last wrote.
a lot has been going on.

the last few months of school for the kids

i've had a lot going on with business.. praise God! secured a retail position at Squishy Tushy in Blissfield, MI, providing them with mama cloth for now, and down the road branching into different sizes of mama cloth, and my bibs as well. :)

we joined a local gym a few months ago as well and I have taken it upon myself to make sure i'm staying healthy.
i've gained 2 lbs of muscle and 2% bone mass (at least that's what the machine says at HerbaLife- which i got to try for a month.. not going to work for me).

so YAY! :)

also for the past two days i've been swimming laps during open lap time in the pool there.. wow, i'm out of breath pretty easily! lol.
my muscles really feel it.. i can do about 15 minutes (resting in between) alternating backstroke, floating, and front crawl

i'm really comfortable using the elliptical machine now.. whenever i go to the ladies exercise room, i always start out with walking a mile on it.

i've steadily kept off 17 lbs from when i started this journey 2.5 years ago.
in the process, i've done from a snug muffin-top size 12 pants, down to a 6/8, and i can wear some size small shirts now, whereas before i was close to a L.

i have to say i'm proud of myself for coming this far.
some days i still have to make myself do something physical because i just don't feel like it.. but in the end, i'm much happier when i do.

i've also found out that on top of having Chondromalacia Patella in my knees and Morton's Neuroma in my right foot, i also have osteoarthritis and i'm lactose intolerant.

so i have 6 different pills i take every morning, my "cocktail" if you will.. but i'm trying my best to stay with herbs and supplements instead of medications. i want my body to still have as much natural health to it as possible.

and my kids are also catching on to the healthier foods, and more involved with our food choices.
makes me proud :)

thank you God for the ability to move around and stay healthy.
thank you for creating an avenue and providing the payment to do so.
and thank you so much for giving me the want to keep my body a healthy temple for You.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

your body as a temple

i found a new workout on youtube less than a week ago.. it's a Cardio Ballet 30 minute workout.. i've been doing it for the last 3 days (took a break from it today to play some music and do so free exercise).. but i'm really liking it!

i wanted to dance when i was little.. and my youngest daughter is in ballet.. so i figured.. hey.. i can STILL dance! i may be limited in my joints now more than i was then.. but there's nothing saying i can't still try :) 

besides.. i'm supposed to be treating my body like a temple.. after all, God created it.. and He lives inside of it.. and taking care of it is what we are to do as Christians.. 

so best i can, i'm finding ways to keep my exercise fresh, interesting.. not to stressful on my body, and fun :) 

trying to push myself a bit more. 
AND as of tomorrow.. we'll have a membership to The Centre (local workout/family location- The Christian Family Center)

so excited about taking advantage of an actually weight room with elliptical machines, bikes, treadmills, yoga mats.. YES i'm excited. :) 

Monday, February 24, 2014

my fetish, and life realization

nail polish ;) surprised? lol

sometimes i wish i could be a hand model :)
i love playing with color pallets, doing reviews for ladies that make polish
(newest one HERE)

and since i've been doing them a lot more often through the past couple years, expanding my horizons with different tools, brands, etc.. my nails and hands have gotten much healthier.

i think the thing i love the most about it is i can express how i feel through the different textures, prints, nail accessories, color combos..
it's like an art form to me.. and it's like how some people wear makeup.. they do different things at different times, etc.

it's like how i show my "beauty".. beyond my face.. beyond my heart..
beyond how others might think of me, or how i might even view myself..

playing with nail polish is an outward extension of who i am inside.

intriguing.. i think.
i love watching nail art tutorials on youtube.. (my favorite is Robin Moses)
different techniques i can learn..

it's great to have healthy nails again :) and to also make that time for myself.. to pamper myself.. and to try new things that i wouldn't have before. 

through this, and through experimenting with exercise and diet.. i'm getting to know and create a new, better me.

Friday, February 21, 2014

tired and unmotivated

laying in bed last night, having my back and my hair stroked by my husband.. you'd think i would have slept well.

but i didn't.
it's nights like that that leave me exhausted the whole next day..

restless.. barely asleep.. tossing and turning.. ugh.

what on earth causes such sucky nights?

leaving me totally unmotivated the next day..
i haven't wanted to do anything today..

but i got up (even though school was canceled.. apparently there's ice on the backroads).. had my coffee.. fed my kids.. fed myself.. then got dressed and got the laundry baskets finished and put away since my mother was coming over.
it's always nice to have my mom over for lunch/coffee and playing with the kids. they showed her Mario on the DS.. and she read Livy's school book with her.

Zoe did a little dance routine, and Jazmine had her help with online math work.

Brian (my husband) introduced me to a new game app on my phone today.. yay, now i'm hooked... lol. Thanks, babe. ;)


i made a foldable playhouse for their playroom out of a cardboard box via online tutorial..
here's the Tut:
DIY collapsible cardboard playhouse

here's my version: (5 year old included.. the other two are playing in the snow with a friend)

Well, time to get in a workout.
I plan on yoga/pilates.. and Zoe wants to do the Cha-cha with me.
we'll see what comes of it!

and God bless!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


why? why? why?

so debilitating.

i'm a mom
i have things to do
i don't want to NOT want to do things.

got up, got two kids on the bus.. laid back down.
got up, put a movie in for my other daughter.. laid back down.
got up at 10.. yup, it's a migraine.

ate something, took some medicine, and my vitamins for the day.. keeping the curtains closed.

open my computer..
get a message from the women's wellness center, they have money for me from a sale in their store. :)
thank the Lord!

get a post on my wall of marble nail polish that someone tagged me in saying it made them think of me..
thank the Lord!

people already lifting me up..
God is good.

no matter what my situation.. why NOT me?!
I am surrounded by people who think of me, who love me, and who are there when i need.

so let me say it again..
thank the Lord! for even in my hard times.. He shines through His people, and makes Himself known.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Mondays :)

I know most people hate mondays..

but I love them.. why?

It's a fresh start
a new day
a new chance to walk with God

why would I not want to wake up?
why would I pass up the opportunity to love on my kids? to have a cup of coffee?
to push off the blankets from my bed..

and count EVERY blessing?

i have healthy children
i have a bed with a pillow, sheets and blankets.. that I get to share with my husband of 10 years
i have a home that's big enough for all 5 of us
my girls are dressed everyday in clothes that aren't worn out

i have an alarm clock
and a chance to walk on my own two feet

Mondays? Tuesdays? Wednesdays? why should the day be any different from the last?

use EACH and EVERY day to be a testimony for others

Thursday, February 6, 2014

peace and love

sitting alone, enjoying the silence in the room.

listening to my children play together behind a closed door

1 cup of coffee in my belly.. ate breakfast with my husband this morning (mmm, sausage patties and biscuits.. that were slightly frostbitten in the freezer). 

hearing him scrape the packed snow off the sidewalk.. love him for all the hard work he does for this family. 
I am blessed by him. 

a warm blanket on my lap.. the bubbles created by the humidifier.. and the slight kick in the vents when the warm air starts to blow.. 

i’m comfortable in my home. 
unlike many who aren’t so lucky

Dear God, 
I pray for those with no homes, with no family, with no love, and (in their minds) no hope. I pray that some way, somewhere, someone will reach out to them and tell them.. there IS hope. That hope is found in finding you.. You lead us to where we need to be. Every day, every step, is orchestrated by you. 

Let us never lose sight of the hope and the freedom we find in knowing You and loving You. Thank you for the love that surrounds me everyday.. in forms of friends, children, spouse, food, clothing.. warmth.. 
I pray I never take that love for granted, and that I can pour that love into others. 
Creating a domino effect.

The things we take for granted. I never want to forget that all blessings, no matter how small, come straight from you.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

snow day.. again

wow.. by the time we woke up this morning.. there was so much snow.. i'm LOVING it. i think i can understand how people can get sick of it.. but not me..

i don't know if there will ever be too much snow for me. :)
and to think.. every single flake is different.. all these tiny little crystals of frozen water.. formed by one God.. can make sooo much more.
it's so beautiful.. amazing.. creation is just astounding to me.

this also gives opportunity to help people more..
like shoveling people's walkways, helping a neighbor jump their car, plowing out driveways.. offering hot cocoa to a friend..

pulling cars out of ditches, salting roads..

this is my winter paradise.
i swear, living in Michigan really gives me more of a chance to believe God is who He is.. these seasons and colors and quick, frequent changes.. could only be orchestrated by a Master Composer.

snow days also give me a chance to test my patience and love for my children.

I am a work at home mom..
i run my business from my computer and my basement..
getting them involved with my daily exercise, taking some time out during lunch break to be with them, plan activities to keep them occupied..

and tonight i'm going to be going on www.swagbucks.com with my oldest daughter (Jazmine, is 8 years old) and checking out what kind of hairstyle she wants for the daddy/daughter dance on Friday. :) I'm excited to play with her hair and make her feel the beauty that God gave her. :)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

starting over

well.. here i go again. hoping to write.. something.. worthwhile.

i've been getting sentimental lately..
catching up on my scrapbooking, that hadn't been done for a year..
reading some of my old journal entries from, get this.. before i got married.. it's been that long since i really, truly wrote.

so here i am.. trying to do it again.. 12 years later.. pushing forward, hopefully, into a new chapter of my life.

turning over a new leaf (cliche')..
getting a handle on taking better care of myself, now that i'm in my 30's (that sounds weird.. lol)..

hopefully showing my daughters what a Christian woman looks like.. faithful to her husband, loving him the best way i know how.. reading my Bible (weather the actual book, or a passage on my phone).. exercising and eating right to keep my body strong and healthy..

and showing them what love is about. God's love for us, no matter what we do.
we stumble.. we fail.. but He's not, and He won't.

and going for my goals.. MAKING goals.
things will only happen if you do them..
not if you wish all day.. and sit on your butt.

reach for the stars, girls.. and follow God's lead!