Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Today's post is about something I encountered this morning while I was working out.

Man watching HGTV on my elliptical this morning made me really think about the "i need" and "i want" that we fall into so easily. Things that this world values.. are really not valuable. 

A mom and dad were looking for a new home for themselves and their two young daughters (4 and 6). What they said they NEEDed astounded me. And like.. this mom was adamant about what they needed, too. Like there's no way around this. 
.. a family of 4 NEEDS two full bathrooms.. NEEDS a big master bedroom.. HATES the old counters that are like maybe 10 years old "so outdated".. 

The master bedrooms in these homes she was being shown were bigger than ours is and she said it looked cramped. 
The counters were actually pretty nice.. but to them they were old and they NEEDed to update them. 
I mean sure, our counters are old, too. They probably will end up being replaced at some point.. but i'm going to use them and preserve the character of them for as long as I possibly can. 

I'm so grateful for the antique counters in my house, the shared bedrooms, small closets, and the one small bathroom that makes us practice patience, helps us enjoy simplicity, helps us be a more intimate closer family. So grateful for where God has brought us. Our own perfect home.
What I NEED is to purge what I DONT NEED and create space and time in life for things that are important. 
And so glad I know where my priorities lie.. 
Material gain is worth nothing when i leave this world.

Being thankful is so much more than this..
It's realizing that simplicity really brings out the important things that can easily get buried by what WE deem important.
I'm thankful for a cup of coffee
I'm thankful for a well that has not run dry
I'm thankful for a back yard for my kids to safely play in
I'm thankful for a church that welcomes anybody and everybody, no matter who you are
I'm thankful for 2 cars
I'm thankful for electricity and gas lines
I'm thankful for a bus that picks up my children and safely brings them to school.. a good school.. with teachers that care
I'm thankful that I can eat three meals a day.. and have food left over for a snack!
I'm thankful for the breath God put in my body, the bed he gave me to sleep in, the clothing I wear so I'm not cold, and the roof over my head that is not falling apart.

Thank you God for the fact that the sun came up and I'm able to see it.

And I puzzle and worry about those around us who are so blinded to what really matters.. hoping I can be the hand of God and open their eyes to see what they really have. 

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