Tuesday, September 15, 2015

my struggle..

i've been feeling lately that i need to back into singing at church. i took a hiatus from it about a year ago, which was a very good thing for my to do. there was just so much going on, and i had to step down from something.

i've been helping in nursery for a couple months now, and we wear a bright orange shirt if we work with children so it's easier for the parents and other staff. 

and this last weekend i was struggling with that because i've never been one to want to stand out, and i heard an audible voice in my head tell me i was made to stand out. 

that with the gift of my voice, and the gift of my compassion for other people, and the gift of my passion for children.. there are so many ways that i can impact my community. 

so i need to find a way to get around my insecurities and step out of my little box. i was not meant to me a wallflower, i was made to stand out. 

so this is my newest struggle. :) 

ironically, my new job is helping with this. ;) 
just goes to show God always knows what He is doing when He puts you in certain situations. Always trust Him to make a good decision for you. ;) 

new and new

so as MANY of you know by now.. we have moved!!

we are finally stepping into a new chapter of our lives called "home owners"..
and at the same time i'm stepping into a new chapter called "new job"..
and my girls are stepping into a new chapter called "new school". lol. :)

it's been a big transition in many ways.

but my goodness.. is it ever a good feeling!

it's been strange getting to know a new job.. i worked at Kohls for 5.5 years, going from housekeeping to cashier to customer service. and finding out that i LOVE customer service.

i stepped down from my volunteer position at church on the praise team about a year ago now, and i've been gradually getting back into volunteering.. but i'm now in the nursery with the babies. ;)