Monday, March 2, 2015

it's a GOOD DAY..

Feb 28, 2015 started out with me getting a good nights rest :)
ironically, i didn't get to bed until 1 am because i closed at Kohls (didn't leave until 11:30).

had a yummy cup of coffee, didn't feel rushed before church..
had a great service
and even though Jazmine's boots officially have to be donated to goodwill (they were leaking and wet and are terribly unsupportive).. she was a trooper :)

Enjoyed some conversation and cookies after service
then went to drop off all our recycling (plastics, paper, cardboard).
headed to Tecumseh to the Harley place.. didn't buy anything! (GOOD FOR US!)
Brian tried on some boots, the girls enjoyed trying on some headbands and hats, i tried on some gloves to get an idea (i'll need some this summer).

Went to the gas station and filled up our popcorn buckets, then headed to the grocery store to fill up our cupboards. ;)

had a great time with lunch together, then Livy and I sat together on the couch and just cuddled and rested (she played with a nail art app on the iPad while i closed my eyes).

i got up and fixed brian's gloves while she started making a book "Livy's Animals".

had some dinner and left for work..
a VERY SLOW night at work.. didn't leave until 9:30 (closed)
and came home for some chips and tea, then went to bed when i felt tired.. instead of trying to stay up too long because it's nice and quiet! ;)

and praise God, my body didn't feel sore or tired or in pain.. i couldn't have asked for a better 24 hours ;)

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