Tuesday, March 10, 2015

feeling proud.. and slightly giddy

i just saw 152.5 on the scale. i'm not even trying to lost weight. a year or so ago i was doing this to lose weight and lose inches.. i was just plugging away working out at home by myself.. i actually saw 149 on the scale at one point. but i got back into my normal routine and went back up to 157 easily. i am not taking into account that i don't have the time that i used to, and i'm trying different exercises that i know are better for my core and easier on my joints.. and i've been more enjoying the journey as i go. so doing this just in my EVERYDAY, including keeping my eating habits in check, splurging on treats for myself more than i should (lol) and just in general trying to keep myself healthy, strong and flexible. this is a huge accomplishment for me smile emotico

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